Aitta is a hairdressing and wellness salon situated in Terälahti, Tampere. Aitta offers versatile and skilled hairdressing and barbershop services, as well as luxurious indulgence moments to make your day special, or to crown your special holiday.

In Aitta you will get all essential hairdresser services, eyelash and eyebrow dyes, hot stone massages, Indian head massages and various wellness treatments.

We use domestic, vegan and odorless products to ensure your well-being!


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Our services

Hairdressing services: haircuts, coloring, perms, eyelash and eyebrow tinting - and hairstyles

Sugaring is a professional and hygienic way to remove annoying skin hair. Sugaring is suitable for all skin types. Professional hair removal is always carried out hygienically and in the most pleasant manner.

Indian Head Massage is suitable for almost everyone: for those who need relaxation, head massage is helpful e.g. to improve concentration, general relaxation and to improve sleep quality - and relieving stress. Duration: 45 min

Hot Stone Massage is suitable for almost everyone: for those who need relaxation, head massage is helpful e.g. improving concentration, general relaxation and improving sleep quality, and relieving stress. Duration: 45 min

Acupressure Massage for the neck and shoulder area: Acupressure is a powerful treatment for acupuncture points that effectively triggers muscle tension and thus removes waste products from the muscles, allowing energy to flow freely in the body. Acupuncture points are treated with fingers with long-lasting pressure. Duration: 30 min.

EFT, or “Emotional Freedom Technique” 

In EFT treatment, the therapist stimulates certain acupuncture points by pressing them with fingertips. EFT relieves the feeling of stress associated with negative and recurrent emotional states and chronic pain.

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More services

Peat treatment is completely natural treatment – peat is used to relax and clean the body. Peat is good for skin problems, muscular and joint pain. Our trained professional uses advanced method to achieve the best possible results. Peat treatment is often combined with body massage. Duration: 90 minutes.

Gua Sha massage is available for facial treatment or body scraping. Gua Sha is based on traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment is carried out with a blunt tool made of stone. The treatment helps preserving a clear and vibrant face.

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Hairdressing in nursing home

Aitta performs hairdressing services in two nursing homes of Tampere: Tammenlehvä-keskus and Kotipirtti.

All services are performed by experienced personnel of Aitta. We want to offer first class services to the nursing home customers.

Hairdressing services bring joy to nursing home customers. It is important to feel special and cared of.


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At your service


I am a skilled hairdresser who is also specializing in holistic well-being services. Happy and friendly customer service means a world to me.

I am keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. In addition to barber and hairdresser qualification, I have also been trained for sugaring and a variety of indulgence treatments / massages.

I want to help people to feel good both internally and externally.


I have worked as a hairdresser for seven years. I perform all kinds of hairdressing services, including hair dyeing and extensions. I have also worked in nursing homes and performed house calls. I am a joyful person who performs excellent customer service. You’ll meet me in Tammenlehvä nursing home.


I have worked as a hairdresser for twenty years. I have won several Finnish and World Championships in Fantasy hair dressing competitions. I own a beauty centre in Nekala, Tampere. I have also worked as a personal assistant for elderly people. You’ll meet me in Kotipirtti nursing home.


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